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Services available during COVID-19 Alert Level 2 from 14th May 2020

Following the government's announcement that New Zealand will be moving down to Alert Level 2 on 14th May 2020, on-site work in the building and construction industry is still continuing with strict protocol adhered to for health and safety and physical distancing.  Useful COVID-19 government information on this industry sector can be found by clicking here.

Therefore, while commercial and industrial premises are still not at full capacity, it's an ideal time to progress two types of office audits.  Inspire Access can undertake these audits not only in the Canterbury regions but nationwide again during Alert Level 2 and below and is offering a special fixed rate on policy implementation audits during Alert Level 2 to support local Canterbury businesses during this challenging time.

Option 1

Implement your company policy practices on:

  • accessibility
  • inclusivity
  • diversity

Set a line in the sand by engaging Inspire Access to audit your premises and provide a report over-viewing the key access and facility design points for your company to develop under its policy practices.  To support Canterbury businesses during this challenging economic time, we're offering a special fixed rate of between $300-$600+GST depending upon the size of your office space (up to 4 levels). 

Complete the request form below and we will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your requirements.  If your premises are larger than 4 levels, please still contact us for a fixed fee.  Alternatively, do not hesitate to call us if you would rather discuss your options.

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Option 2

Existing office upgrades requiring Council approval:

  • building consents
  • building exemptions

These applications required full technical accessibility assessments and reports to show minimum legislative compliance has been met for access and facilities for people with disabilities.  Get ahead of the game and hit the ground running with your design and construction projects by engaging Inspire Access to guide you through to resolution.  We have valuable experience and knowledge in compliance, mediation and negotiation which allows for pragmatic solutions.

Complete the request form below and we will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively, do not hesitate to call us if you would rather discuss your options.

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Audit Request

Office audit required

Number of levels at premises

Approx' area of office (all levels)

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Safety protocol

Our safety protocol includes physical distancing and utilising the following safety equipment (PPE) pre-, on- and post-site for customer peace-of-mind:

  • disposable mask
  • disposable gloves
  • surface wipes
  • hand sanitiser
  • sealed disposal bags

A pre-site assessment will be undertaken, remotely if required, to establish the safety parameters for both the customer and Inspire Access.  Our COVID-19 safety protocol is based upon guidelines set out by organisations including CHANZ, of which details can be found by clicking here.  Please contact us if you require further information on our own plan.

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Off-site options

If we're not able to attend your site for whatever reason, desktop analysis (no on-site visits) and technical advice on existing and new projects are still available through-out all alert levels, including up to COVID-19 Alert Level 4, should we return up through the levels.

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Actual face-to-face training for various group sizes is currently under review oron hold until COVID-19 alert levels allow for it to recommence BUT courses are still able to be booked and designed so call to discuss your requirements. The development and launchof on-line training options has been moved forward so watch this space.  

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+64 21 508700

Please contact us to discuss your all options using the telephone number adjacent or at the top of this page, or through our normal request for service form found by clicking here

Remember we offer up to 15 minutes of free telephone advice on technical matters relating to accessibility, inclusion and diversity.

Inspiring accessibility for everyone everywhere

Welcome to Inspire Access, an Accessibility Consultancy established to assist those involved in designing, constructing, maintaining and living with the built environment here in Aotearoa New Zealand to create an accessible and inclusive life for everyone, everywhere, every day. 

So often our experiences of buildings and their associated landscaping occur subconsciously and as a result we may not notice how we interact with the features around us.

However, for many people in New Zealand and all over the world, the smallest of details can bring every-day challenges, whether by a physical, sensory, intellectual, mental or gender-related influence; as part of a permanent impairment, a temporary situation or a way of life.  It's vital to have an open-mind to all circumstances and research how these can be impeded by the built environment.

There are fundamental elements though that can make life easier - colours, shapes, sizes, position and information are some examples.

The design of access and facilities to, around and within buildings plays a significant part in affecting key factors of life, the most important being:

  • independence
  • equality
  • health
  • well-being
  • safety

Accessibility design and construction rarely meets 100% of the needs of the audience it is intended for, in part due to the unique nature of the human body and mind, but also due to the limitations of knowledge or circumstances of the existing built environment.

Photographs shown throughout this website display elements of useable accessibility although not necessarily providing suitable access and facilities for all.

Consider who they may benefit and who they may hinder .... how do you approach it; when is it 'visible'; is it suitable; whatcan be reached; who can use it; is it safe?  It is important to remember that design should not be viewed in isolation but instead by assessing the environment as a whole.  Contact us to learn more.

Simple design at an early stage

This can provide benefits that reach far-wider than accessibility for people with disabilities - parents with double pushchairs, injured athletes, the aging population, gender-neutral - there are many circumstances which are either not recognised as an official disability or are not obviously apparent.  Many people don't want to highlight their situation by having to ask for assistance.  What ever the descriptor we like to associate with this design for life - accessible, inclusive, universal - it creates an easier and happier environment for everyone.   

Early engagement isn't always possible

We realise though that early engagement of an accessibility consultant isn't always possible so at Inspire Access our past experience and specific skill-set provides you with a smoother journey to achieve your goals no matter what stage of design you're at.

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